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Hi, Akanksshaa here… and if you’re on this page it means we had a coaching call together and you’ve made a commitment to yourself to Become a Top Entrepreneur

Congratulations on deciding to join our program… On this page I’ll give you a quick overview of some of the things we talked about on our coaching call and what you’ll get in our transformational program.

The Story So Far

So… Whats happened so far… You’ve watched my masterclass online training. You’ve booked a personal 1-to-1 call with me, you filled out our long questionnaire, you actually talked with me on our breakthrough call and you have finally made a decision to join our coaching program…

On our 1-to-1 call we talked about a lot of things and I asked you a specific questions to understand your situation and know if I can help you, and if this is the right match for both you and I.

We concluded that I can help you and its a good match for the both of us… Otherwise you would not have access to this page. This page is only for people who are ready for my program and no one else.

On this page I’ll be giving you a quick summary of what is included in our programhow we work together and some very special bonuses you can get for a limited period of time.

Where are you now… and Where do you want to be… In the next 3 to 6 months? 

What is your Goal? If you’re joining our program you probably want to achieve at least one or all of these four things.

  • checkYou want get a flood of ideal prospects coming to you everyday like clockwork
  • checkYou want to enrol high paying clients (₹ 1 to ₹5 lakhs for each client) 
  • checkYou want to deliver world class services/ products & results for your clients
  • checkYou want to get results for your clients in a way that gives you more freedom & time

Bottom Line! You want the… Right clients… At the right price… Anytime you want

While getting amazing results for you clients

You’ll Learn How To… Attract Your Ideal Prospects,  Convert Them Into High Paying Clients & Deliver Awesome Results 

Attract a flood of highly qualified prospects to you everyday

Convert your prospects into premium paying clients on demand


Deliver awesome outcomes to your clients in a way that gives you more time


You’ll discover the exact system we use to attract of continuous flow of highly qualified prospects who are ready to buy your coaching program and services right now!

CONVERT & SIGN UP HIGH PAYING CLIENTSTheres no point attracting qualified prospects if you don’t know how to effortlessly and elegantly sign them up!


The essence of everything we do as a coach is to create a massive transformation in the lives of our clients. That’s the reason we become coaches in the first place.

You’ll walk away from this program knowing these two priceless things;

  • 1How to create & design premium offering/ package that create a massive impact and solves your clients Major Business challenge.
  • 2How to deliver your service/products that gets your clients results quickly while at the same time giving you more time and freedom.


When your foundations are in place you’ll move into the phase of automating and scaling your coaching program so you can impact more and more lives, making more and more money while creating more and more freedom for you to manifest the lifestyle of your dreams.

You’ll Get The 3 Essential Elements You Need To Succeed

  • 1Mindset & Performance Coaching
  • 2A Proven Step By Step System
  • 3World Class Support


Mindset & Performance Coaching. To align your inner game with peak performance.

Having the right systems and strategy is essential to your success. However that is not enough. Even the best strategy can fail if we sabotage ourselves and have Inner resistance that prevents us from reaching our goals.

We want to make sure that you have the inner game aligned with winning systems and strategies so that you can flow freely towards your desired goals

A peak performance state is essential for people who want to play at the highest levels. All top athletes take their performance state very seriously. Its the difference between a gold medal and coming last in the race.


A Proven Step By Step System. That takes you from A to Z… Zero to 6-Figure Entrepreneur

Once your mindset is aligned with the outcome you want, the next imperative is to have a proven and tested system that takes you from your current situation to your desired goal.

The reason our clients get such great results in such a short period of time is because the system is simple and sublime. Every part of our program has been carefully crafted, tweaked and optimised so you can get your business to 6 figures as soon as possible.

Our program is a simple step by step system so that you know exactly what to do, when to do it and how to do it, every step of the way.

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World Class Support. We’re here to hold your hand through every step of your journey.

And last, but by no means least…  having the right mindset and the right system is not enough. We don’t just give you the tools and information and leave you on your own to figure things out… NO!

We want to increase the certainty of you reaching your goals by 1000% by personally holding your hand and guiding you through each and every step of your journey to become a 6 figure entrepreneur.

You’ll have world class personal support from me and my team directly. Basically… our number 1 goal is to help you achieve your goal!

We are invested and will do whatever it takes to get you there. Of course, you have to want this and you have to work hard. and be committed. You have to want this even more than we do. The more committed you are, the harder you work and the stronger your desire the more powerful our alliance becomes.

This is also practical: we use the best strategies and winning game plans to get the best out of you. Including…

Live Weekly Monday Modules 

Every Monday Akanksshaa will personally walk you through her proven step by step system using powerful frameworks and blueprints. The live coaching calls are recorded so you can go back to them anytime you want…

Live Weekly Friday Feedback & Coaching 

Every Friday Akanksshaa will personally answer your questions, review your weekly assignments & coach you so that you can get results ASAP. The live coaching session calls are recorded so you can go back to them anytime you want…

Daily Coach Community Support

Every day you’ll be able to connect, get inspiration, feedback and support from Braj and the community of coaches through our exclusive private WhatsApp group

Accountability & Execution Systems

We use simple, fast and effective systems to keep you on track, course correct when required and optimise, so you reach your goals as easily and as fast as possible.

“There’s A Framework For That”

At the core of the 6-Figure-Business Signature Coaching System lies an ever-growing repository of simple frameworks, or one page “cheat sheets” that cut out 95% of the time and frustration related to critical aspects of business. Just show up, click, watch and repeat (but you have to show up)…

  • checkPerfect Facebook Ad
  • checkWinning Lead Magnets
  • checkConversion Consultation
  • checkBrand creation
  • checkMillion Dollar Message
  • checkTransformation Coaching System

One of our major aims is to help you get clients as quickly as possible. That depends on a variety of factors, like how much time you devote, how much experience you have and how hard you work.

Our commitment is to work with you and get you at the very least a full return on your investment within 3 to 4 months.

Imagine right now… if you could make 6 figures in your business within one year… Would it be well worth the investment.. Absolutely Yes!

We Know Exactly What You Need To Succeed!

  • 1A Premium Offer/ Package That Attracts High Paying Clients.

  • 2An Automated System That Brings You A Flood Of Ideal Clients Everyday Like Clockwork. 

  • 3A Leveraged Coaching Process That Gets Great Results For Y0u and Gives You More Free Time. 


Along with the “Millionaire Coach Accelerator” we are adding in some super bonuses completely free… These programs have sold for $1000’s on their own.

Bonus Number 1

Complementary access to my Online Motivation Course: 10 Point Motivation Model that can CHANGE YOUR LIFE!: Create desired life and achieve what you want with SMART goals! 

29 lectures, 1.5 Hours Duration

Value = $99.99

Bonus Number 2

We’ll Build And Host Your Website Funnel. Including landing pages, lead magnet pages, questionnaire page. This the exact same system that we use and you’ll get it free. In fact this page you’re seeing now is built on the same system.

Value = ₹ 63,000

(There will be a maintenance charge of Rs. 7500 per year after the first 12 months)

Bonus Number 3

1-to-1 VIP Coaching Half Day With Akanksshaa

You’ll get the chance to spend 3 hours 1 to 1 with Akanksshaa where she will get you up and running ASAP.

Value = Rs. 30,000

That’s More Than ₹1,00,000 worth of bonuses available right Now!


But the real value is your return on investment. Even If you only start making  ₹ 1,00,000 to ₹ 5,00,000 a month extra from your business what would that mean to you? That would workout to be ₹60,000 income in 1 year.And thats what we want for you… we want you to get to 6 figures in your business and then 7 figures… Our goal is to make 25 millionaire entrepreneurs in 2018/19. Thats why we are only looking for the most committed and capable people to work with.

Wait! We don’t work with everyone!

This is only for an exclusive and very small group of people who are 100% committed to becoming the very best and highest paid entrepreneurs on the planet. And we definitely can’t help everyone.

If you are on this page it means you have been hand picked and we believe that you have the potential to be one of our top entrepreneurs.

This page is not open to the public. Its only available by personal invitation to people who had a call with me.

Who is this NOT for?This program is NOT for…

  • 1People who complain and blame the world for their problems.
  • 2People who are NOT ready to take massive action.
  • 3People who are in this just for the money and who don’t care about really helping their clients.
  • 4People who are NOT committed to their own success and the their clients success.
  • 5People who have nothing of value to offer their clients.
  • 6People who who think they know it all and who are not ready to be coached.

Who is this for?This program is for…

  • 1People who are 100% committed to their own success
  • 2People who are 100% committed to offering the highest quality services to their clients. And doing what it takes to get their clients the best results possible.
  • 3People who are in business for the right reasons… To make the world a better place and create transformation.
  • 4People who are ready to take massive action, to work hard, take responsibility and learn from mistakes.
  • 5People who are ready to be coached and be accountable for results.

See corporate endorsements of Akanksshaa

Diverse Experience, Diligent and Enterprising

Akanksha worked with me as offshore delivery lead for a large Financial Sector account. She was very diligent & enterprising & able to see the big picture and yet detail oriented. She institutionalized innovation within the account and ran several campaigns/ initiatives which resulted in cultural transformation and helped achieve excellent delivery performance. She has excellent client facing and client relationship management skills; made presentations to executive leadership and has handled several high profile client visits. Apart from managing project delivery, Akanksha was very good in managing program financials. I strongly believe her diverse experience and leadership qualities make her suitable for any role that she takes on.

Account Head, large Financial Sector Account in large IT company

Totally Reliable Program Director

Akanksha was a Program Director for me on multi-million dollar key strategic project for me. She was not only on top of tracking each of the work streams but knew whom to push more and when. She kept track of budget allocations, burn rates and reallocation exercises as the work streams progressed. With Akanksha in charge I never had to worry about missing deadlines or meeting numbers. She is totally reliable and a pleasure to work with.

Senior VP, large Bank IT Division

About Your Coach


Akanksshaa is the Founder, CEO and Business Transformation Coach, helping freelance women entrepreneurs BUILD and GROW their businesses. She can help you if you are A) an aspiring entrepreneur i.e. you’re in corporate job and planning to quit your job and start your venture Or B) an existing entrepreneur; wanting to GROW your business. 

​6-Figure-Business Transformation Signature CoachingEnrol Now!

Full Pay

Make the full

investment of…


+ 2% convenience fee

2 Installments

Make 2 monthly installments of…

₹47,000 each

+ 2% convenience fee

3 Installments

Make 3 monthly installments of…

₹33,000 each

+ 2% convenience fee

Everything on this page is included in the program

* 100% Secure & Safe Payments *

Our Core Values 

Below are the top 5 Core Values we promise to hold at all times:

Complete Transparency

We don’t create sales pressures or any such tactices common in digital marketing space. we want to earn your business based on the merits of our products/ services.

Pricing Integrity

we price our products/ services based on the “10X Rule“. We ask our customers to evaluate the solutions carefully against alternatives and only then purchase our products/ services, when they feel confident that they can get 10 times the value they have invested. In turn, we will never offer fake discounts or offers to anyone.

SPAM-Free Comunications

No Spammy emails sent frequently. You will only receive valuable info about the products/ services we have tested or strategies for your business.

100% Commitment To Client Success

Every member of our team is empowered to provide the required levels of support to our clients so that they progress at fast speed and don’t get “stuck” and they are clear on the next steps

Constant Innovation

We shall remain relentless in our our mission to discover, test and create new models, tools and strategies to help our clients and their businesses to stay at the forefront of digital landscape. Innovation and keeping pace with the latest trends in tech are our constant endevours.

Some FAQ

Is this for aspiring or existing entrepreneurs?

Akanksshaa can help you if you are A) an aspiring entrepreneur i.e. you’re in corporate job and planning to quit your job and start your venture Or B) an existing entrepreneur; wanting to GROW your business.

How long will it take before I get my first High Paying client?

That depends on a few factors like: How committed you are. How much action you take, your personal experience and capability.

On an average entrepreneurs who take massive action, apply our systems and do their assignments start getting clients within the first 6 to 9 weeks of joining our program. We are ready to work with you at your own pace and are 100% committed to helping you get results as soon as possible.

I don’t know what kind of business I should start?

Great! Thats why we are here, to help you decide what will be the best area of business for you. We have a framework to find your calling and discover what business you can get into, if you are an aspiring entrepreneur.

Are there any other costs involved?

For the program and content everything is included. There are a two other costs involved

1. Facebook advertising costs: (we will show you how to get your first few clients without paid advertising so that you can re-invest into paid advertising later on)

2. Your scheduling calendar. We use a 3rd party software called schedule-once which cost $19 per month after the free trial is over. Its well worth the investment and will pay for itself in value many times over.

Do I need a website?

Yes Absolutely! And we will make the basic framework for you. (this is a limited bonus)

We will provide you our templates. You will need to fill in a few blanks… Like your photo, your bio and some info on your services/ products.

As a special bonus we will provide you with a world class website and domain for your client generation system. It is optimised for best results and client generation.

After the first year there is a small maintenance charge of Rs. 7500 per year.

If you want you can also host your website on your own platform after the first year and you can download all of your web-pages whenever you want.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Absolutely Not! If you are already thinking about getting your pennies back before you start then somewhere in your mind you have created an option for failure. This is not the optimal mindset you need to succeed in our program. We want people who are willing to take massive action and who are 100% committed to making it work with our world class support.

Also you will have access to premium high value content and systems that you will be able to use for the rest of your life, generating results now and a long time into the future. The ROI of our program is extremely high.

6-Figure-Business Transformation Signature CoachingEnrol Now!

Full Pay

Make the full

investment of…


+ 2% convenience fee

2 Installments

Make 2 monthly installments of…

₹47,000 each

+ 2% convenience fee

3 Installments

Make 3 monthly installments of…

₹33,000 each

+ 2% convenience fee

* 100% Secure & Safe Payments *

Congratulations I’m really looking forward to helping you realize your vision of having a business that gets the right clients, at the right price any time you want, while getting awesome results for your clients.

Have fun and change the world one conversation at a time.

See you soon…


P.S.: If you have any questions and need some further support feel free to send me an email at or call me personally on +919890472999.

P.P.S.: Please do not share this link with anyone… This web-page is only for people who I have hand picked to work together.

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