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Hi, I’m Akanksshaa! I help corporate & business leaders create FINANCIAL FREEDOM & HARMONY by ACCELERATING/ SWITCHING their careers based on their CALLING.

My Story

It’s my calling/ my mission: I feel passionate about helping corporate leaders become financially independent and free and create wealth for themselves and their families; while having great work life balance.

I graduated in Architecture. I practiced as an Architect in one of the top Architecture firms in India for 2.5 years. I was fortunate to get amazing experience from design to execution, independently handling sites. While doing so, I realized, there’s lot of “management” required in any field. I had applied for interdisciplinary post graduate courses in US. Got admissions in 5 universities, one of them offered me full tuition waiver and scholarship. However, my US student visa was rejected. Then I decided to pursue MBA in India. I have done MBA from one of the top 5 B schools in India. I remember we were just 19 girls in the class of 120 students!

I got placement on day 1. My job was in Mumbai, so I relocated there. I worked for some time in one of the biggest financial institutes. I got I got married at that time and I could not continue working in that city. When I moved back to my hometown, I had offer in IT and Finance. As I was getting my education in Architecture and MBA, I was learning IT in parallel. IT fascinated me and I loved IT because of its pace and impact on human race.

So I started working in the IT sector as a project manager for CAD/ CAM projects. You have to constantly keep yourself updated in IT. You have to upskill yourself in line with the technology changes; otherwise you become obsolete. I have 20 years of experience within IT sector. Within IT also I have switched my career. Starting as a project manager, I moved up roles such as program manager/ portfolio manager, product manager etc. I took on a client facing role of program director in one of the biggest banks in NYC. I worked in client facings roles for a few years in US. I have been a program director and a financial controller for multimillion-dollar programs. When I came back offshore, I took the role of Delivery Program Exec. I have handled large delivery project teams in one of the biggest IT companies in the world. Aggressive deadlines, quality of deliverables and demanding clients are some of the challenges that I have managed. After DPE I took on role of Go To Market Leader. I worked in that role for some time. After working for 12 to 14 hours a day, I realized that I need to have better work life balance, especially for my kid. I moved into Learning and Knowledge division as Knowledge Sharing Leader for India. Then I moved into the learning part of L&K. I have created and implemented Cloud learning/ education strategies across multiple client innovation centers.

I have switched my career successfully for 6 times! I have changed career across industries and then across different tracks within IT industry. I have upskilled myself to keep myself relevant and acquired education & certifications.  I have certifications in Business/ Career and Life purpose Coaching. I have extensive experience in training and coaching in corporate sector and NGO. I was also diversity lead, coaching and training women. I have coached individuals on handle client presentations, client meetings and create a brand for yourself and how to break barriers.

I have trained/ coached more than 7000 people across 100 countries. I am on a mission to help corporate/ business leaders transform their careers & lives aligned with their calling and create freedom of money & time.

My Values & Beliefs

Be the Game Changer!

Ask yourself if what you are doing today is getting you close to what you want to be tomorrow. Take inspired action NOW and every single day. I believe in commitment, dedication and self-discipline. Think and act every single day to be the best version of yourself!

Be professional with High Integrity!

I believe in being professional. Being professional means showing up on time, delivering product/ service of world class quality consistently on time. It’s about being confident, polite and well-spoken; being reliable and responsive. It’s about being there when you’re most needed.

Be Passionate and Give Your 100%

I believe in doing any activity with full heart and mind. Whatever you do, do it 100%. Success comes with grit and passion!

My Approach

I am your Dream Career Coach! I will help you discover and maximize your potential through mindset and performance coaching. I believe in structured approach and helping people in efficient and effective way. I believe in disruptive reinvention of individual “self”.  If a person wants to be his/ her best version, he/ she needs to grow by breaking set patterns and dissolving mental models and blocks that no longer serve the individual. I invite you to join this exciting journey together.

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